Stanford Medical Student Brings Google Glass in Healthcare

Stanford Medical Student Brings Google Glass in Healthcare

Pelu Tran is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by using Google Glass in healthcare as a means to save doctors hours of time.

When he began caring for patients and working rotations in the summer of 2012, Pelu Tran began to realize just how much time is dedicated to record-keeping each day (roughly 35%). That is time that could be spent caring for patients and helping them resolve their medical issues.

He used this experience when he co-founded Augmedix, a company that wants to automate the record-keeping process. He took a leave of absence from school to work on his company full-time, early in 2013.

After recently making it to Forbes’ annual list of 30 key health care innovators under the age of 30 (the “30-Under-30: Healthcare”), he now lives and work in San Francisco, managing dozens of employees and raising venture capital abroad for the growing company.

At last check, his total funding has reached more than $23 million.

What Augmedix Does with Google Glass

Augmedix, his company, has partnered with Google to provide monthly Google Glass subscriptions to doctors and healthcare professionals. When seeing a patient, verbal cues allow the doctor to access the patient’s files on the fly, and the appointment is recorded for posterity. When the appointment is over, the recording ends. Right now, the service is in use in 11 states, with 35 clinics taking part.

After poor consumer response, Google has halted sales of Google Glass to consumers, but it will continue to contract use of the technology to specialized companies like Augmedix with needs that can’t be met by the current level of medical technology. Using Google Glass in healthcare allows doctors to do things that were previously unavailable.

The Results of Google Glass in Healthcare

As already stated, the goal is to reduce the time wasted on paperwork and checking records. A statement from Tran talks about physicians who have been able to reduce the number of hours spent wading through paperwork from an average of 17 hours a week down to as low as two, or even less:

“[Doctors are] getting back 15 hours a week to spend with family, with friends, with patients, to provide care. That is the whole point.”

Better rested doctors means better care for patients. By removing the stress of paperwork, doctors are better able to interact with their patient.

With 99% acceptance rates, patients also see the value in the technology. Rather than having a brief conversation where you are forced to skim over the issues at hand, you can instead have an actual conversation with your doctor.

Old Problem For Doctors Solved in a New Way

Tran made his name by using cutting edge ideas to solve an old problem in a new way. But he was only able to do that when he was offered Google Glass by chance. If not for that chance meeting, he would never have found that answer.

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