Sample High-End Wines with Our New Wine Emotion Dispensing System

Sample High-End Wines with Our New Wine Emotion Dispensing System

When you’re a guest of The Nest in Palo Alto, you always get to experience the finer things during your stay, and fine wines are part of that package. It’s no secret that purchasing bottles of high-end wine can take a toll on the pocketbook, but an exciting new system we’ve implemented enables you to sample the best wines, without having to buy the whole bottle.

It’s called Wine Emotion, and it is a wine dispensing system combining innovation with expert design that promotes an ease of operation for vendors and a world of wine-tasting possibilities for our guests.

A High Quality Glass Every Time

This dispensing system allows you to sample some of the more fascinating wines the world has to offer, without having to spend $150 or more per bottle. You can expand your wine-tasting horizons even more if you’re already a connoisseur, or get a sense of what high-end wines are supposed to taste like if you’re just starting out; and you can do it one glass at a time.

The Wine Emotion dispensing system keeps each bottle at just the right temperature, and uses inert gas to prevent oxidation once the bottle has been opened. The scents and aromas that are paramount in the wine-tasting experience will be perfectly preserved. As a guest, you will get the ideal portion at the ideal temperature, with all of the characteristics of that particular wine, the same as if you’d opened the bottle yourself.

Taking Your Stay to the Next Level

At The Nest, we provide our guests with the ultimate boutique hotel experience, and the addition of the Wine Emotion dispensing system will elevate your stay even more. For $8 to $13 per glass, you can explore a world of fine wines that most of us wouldn’t normally be able to experience. This “new addition” is yet another reason that The Nest is your best choice for luxury accommodation in Palo Alto and the surrounding area.

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